It all started at the end of summer 2015 with an overwhelming compliments received by the founder of SIVORY. Obviously amazed with the number of compliments she gets whenever she dressed unique in her contemporary made African styles.

She was convinced it was her styles that kept bringing the compliments not just her beauty, with the thoughts of motherhood running through her mind (amazing compliments after 2 kids). So she decided to open up a boutique filled with the trendiest styles in her African collections and a mix of carefully handpicked western trendy styles.

At the grand opening day (DECEMBER 2015), the patronage and appreciation for the uniqueness of her collection was amazing. So she decided to launch an online boutique to give her customers a wider array of her selections and connect with them to reveal new arrivals. And if you are new to the site, we promise you an array of selected and unique designs that will give you a new look and bring you compliments that started the business.

Our mission is to always give you a new unique look. Enjoy your Shopping...